About DCovert Computers

Who we are

We are a sole proprietor business that operates as a startup in the technology industry. Our owner and namesake, Daniel Covert, created DCovert Computers as an idea to provide low-cost computer, event and office services to everyone and do so professionally and in a courteous manner. We currently offer a few different services with low cost pricing, where we will work-out a price with you, that works for your wallet and / or bottom line.

Why choose us

  1. Passionate

    We are very passionate about what we do. We aim to do the best we can on everything we do and accomplish everything with enthusiasm and pride.
  2. Professional

    We provide all of our clients with class-leading expertise and foresight. Our experience and knowledge allows us to provide the best service possible.
  3. Support

    Our Customer Support is unmatched by all others and is professional and courteous. Our Support staff will answer the best they can all of your questions and provide sufficient solutions whenever possible.

Our Awesome Team

Our Team Currently Only Consists Of Our Owner / Founder and Our Event Manager At The Moment. We Are Always Seeking New Team Members To Be A Part Of Our Team!

Daniel Covert

Owner & Founder

Maria C.

Chief Event Manager

Our Process

Easy and effective way to get your device repaired


Just relaxed when your device is need to be fixed and no panic


Send the device to us which you need to be fixed and stay relaxed


We will take care of it and work with it to fix it accurately


After a quick fix, we just return to it you fast and securely

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