About Us In Summary –

We are DCovert Computers, and we started out as an idea to provide a budget based computer, and office services to the mass public, to major and minor corporations and to small, medium and large businesses. We strive to offer the best services and provide them on a low budget. We also strive to offer Open Source and free alternatives to popular software, and to be a friendly community based company. Our Mission is to become the leading provider of budget based 5 star online computer and office services, plus a 5 star open source community.

About Us In Detail –

We are a sole proprietor business that operates as a startup in the technology market. Our team currently only consists of the owner and namesake, Daniel Covert.

We currently offer a few different services: Custom Computers & Support, where we build you a Custom Tower, Desktop, Workstation, Or Server and support it for you with routine maintenance and upgrades; Hardware and Software Setup And Support, where we will install any program, or Operating System, as well as any piece of hardware and maintain it, to lessen your headache of maintaining your computer and upgrading it; Network Setup & Support, where we will set up any sized computer network and support it (including the computers & devices on it), so you don’t have to worry about hiring & staffing an-house IT team. Included with these services is concierge service, where we will, as long as its in Westchester, Rockland, or Putnam Counties in NY, head to the location and either pick up the device / system, or do the repairs, and/or maintenance at the location, and budget pricing, where we will negotiate a price with you, that works well.


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