September 13, 2016

New Asus X555 series Laptop

I have just recieved the Asus X555D 15.6" laptop earlier today, and thus far, it has been what Asus is in search of - incredible. Its fast, has more memory (RAM) and disk (storage) space than what
March 15, 2016

FreeNAS Build

For my freenas storage & domain controller build, I will be going with an AMD FX 6300 build I have already in-house, but will be adding several parts to the build. I already have an AMD FX6300, and
March 14, 2016

Game and Voice Server Build

For my game and voice server build, I will be going with an Intel Xeon E3-1231 V3, Debian 7 LTS 64 bit and 32 GBs of RAM. I will be loading it with Minecraft / craftbukkitforge 1.7.10 (set to 4 or 8GB),
March 13, 2016

Tserver Build

For the Tserver, I will be using a NAS version of Debian Linux called OpenMediaVault. It has all I need – BitTorrent client, ssh, ftp, smb/cifs, etc. I will also add a secondary antivirus and firewall
March 13, 2016

Web Server Build

For the web server, I will be using a dual core 45w AMD Athlon II, Debian 7 Stable/LTS 64 bit, Vesta LNMP server package and control panel, Raid 1 in pairs (two 1 TB HDDs for web/extra storage/swap, two
March 12, 2016

Pfsense firewall build

Here’s my PFsense firewall build. I am planning to use a AMD AM1 based build for power savings and for low heat. I am also planning to use the firewall as a Dynamic DNS server, to connect to a VPN, and
March 11, 2016

My Future Home Network Setup

This is my future network setup at my future home. I am planning to use a mini-PC, specifically a AMD AM1 Athlon 5350 build with an add-on Ethernet card with Pf-sense on it for the firewall, and wire a
March 8, 2016

Future Retro Gaming Desktop Build

I am planning to build two retro gaming desktops – one for my fiance and one for me, to use to play old games made for XP and below and for emulators as well, such as project64.  Mine will focus more
August 7, 2015

My future 2nd daughter, seems like a year has passed since I first learned my fiance was pregnant with her. I am quite a bit scared and worried about the future, but I know I will make a great